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Survive against all the odds and other players


DayZ is a survival game in which you will have to fight against zombies and other players, gathering the necessary resources for surviving the impending apocalypse. Developed by Bohemia Interactive, DayZ is presented in a realistic way to show an online world infested with zombies and the reactions of the players in this situation. Survive this multiplayer challenge in the vast Chernarus map.

This standalone version comes from a previous mod to download for Arma 2. The title places the player into the post-soviet Chernarus, place in which an unknown virus was released and turned almost all its population into undead zombies. You, as a player, must take whatever resources you can in order to survive, from weapons for defense to bean cans and even rotten food, which is not recommended to be eaten.

DayZ is presented as a realistic way to show an online world infested with zombies and the reactions of the players in this situation

DayZ bases its graphical aspect on the previous Arma 2, which stands out due to the vast map it can handle without too much loading time. Thanks to this engine, DayZ features a map extension more than 230 km² that recreates real-life places. The variety of settings includes to supermarkets, houses and military bases in which you may be lucky to find gear for your character. You must have in mind that the physics are very realistic, and if you fall from a great height the most probable outcome is to have some broken bones that may ruin your game unless your receive health care.

Different kinds of possible actions
Different kinds of possible actions

Welcome to the city jungle

One of the popular things about this game is the fact that you are free to do whatever you want, for good or evil. You can join together with some other players to form a successful alliance or betray them by stealing their food and weapons. DayZ will only require you to survive, there is no further objective, but this is quite difficult due to zombies, bandits and other rogue players.

The realistic part in this standalone version comes from the physical challenges. Your surviving character will need food and water, but you won’t be always able to obtain them in the optimal way. Sometimes your food will be rotten, and if you eat a rotten apple it negatively affects your character. Physical injuries also affect the gameplay. If the character has something that is broken, then he won’t be able to walk unless he receives treatment. Although you have a level of freedom, be careful of what you do in Chernaru.

Sometimes it
Sometimes it's better to hide yourself than to attack

DayZ Full Version Features

Check the list of the main features for DayZ:

  • Standalone version to download the popular DayZ mode, offering vehicles and better physics including ragdoll effects
  • Vast map of the Chernaru region in which you can find villages, military bases and great expanses of forests
  • Good crafting system in which you can create new items from parts you already have in order to improve your equipment or to fix broken utilities
  • Different customizations available for clothing and weaponry for protecting you against zombies, bandits and even other players
  • Servers have capacity for up to 40 simultaneous players at the same time thanks to its architecture
  • Real reactions from characters, who get ill if they consume rotten food or are negatively affected by broken bones

In case you want more data about this release before the download, check the official site through this

Different kinds of vehicles available
Different kinds of vehicles available

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for running DayZ on your system:

  • OS: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 version
  • CPU: Intel Dual-Core 2.4GHz or faster
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Video Card: NVidia GeForce 8800GT or similar compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • HDD: 10GB free space



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